Sometimes the temperature outdoors is relatively cool compared to the heat inside your household. Giving our children roots and wings, according to the saying, is the greatest gift a parent can give. Though, at times, attaching those wings is difficult for all involved.

Summer means time for backyard BBQs, family outings to the beach, and vacations to new lands, right? But those supposedly delightful happenings can get ugly fast when your teen is in a mood. Before you write off Summer 2023 to teen angst and anger, please know that this is actually very normal and, dare we say, expected. 


Taking the High Road

One of the hardest parts of handling these angry phases is feeling distant from your child. They don’t share with you like they used to and seem to have a secret life that doesn’t involve you. You worry for their physical and mental safety when they’re out with friends or locked in their room. Sometimes the air is so tense from your child’s anger, you might not be sure what to do. Should you hug or punish them? Laugh or cry? Though hard, we suggest taking the high road and modeling good parenting and social skills.

Instead of cracking down on your teen this summer, encourage them to make positive decisions and guide them toward teen-friendly events and activities


A Few Teen-friendly Ideas to Change the Family Dynamic
We rounded up some age-appropriate ways for teens to stay social and have fun all summer to help divert them from their anger. From family outings they won’t grow bored of to events that are designed just for teens, here’s to creating safe and happy (or less angry!) summer memories! 

  • Attend a Teen Event

Many teens want to get out and hang out with their friends, with no parental supervision. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with that! Instead of leaving them to their own devices, help them choose events that are appropriate and engaging for them. From film screenings and creative crafting events to local arts fests and concerts, there are plenty of activities that teens and their friends can enjoy in your community.

  • Plan a Family Outing that’s Teen-approved

You may not be able to do anything about your teen acting humiliated to be seen out with you in public, but they might be willing to go out with the family if you pick something really cool. Whether your teen is an athlete, a gamer, a creative, or a social media influencer in the making, there are plenty of activities to enjoy even with older kids.

    • Host a Themed Family Bonding Night
      Bonding with teens can be difficult (that’s putting it lightly!) but these at-home activities can be fun for all. Many teens love a fun theme. Why not host a themed dinner party, a family movie night, or a board-game night? It’s a joy to see how fast your creativity can change their anger into pure joy and laughter.  
  • Encourage Them to Work

Even if your teen isn’t old enough to apply for a “real” job, there are lots of ways for kids to make money this summer. Not only will they earn spending cash, they’ll also learn the importance of hard work, responsibility, and money management. From car washes to pet walking and babysitting, your teen will love having their own money–and still have time to enjoy the summer. Plus, their side hustle will keep them out of trouble.


Patience is a Virtue
The school year will be starting soon, so it’s important to act fast on your family bonding efforts. The most important thing to remember is that your teen’s behavior is a phase and a step toward leaving the nest and soaring!