Zahi Tisani and Lizzie Boston, part of the Strength in Numbers club at Capo Valley High School. Supported by Providence Mission Hospital.


Have you heard the good news? Together, we’ve made a positive difference in our children’s lives. We have much to celebrate thanks to you.

Teen alcohol use has significantly decreased over the past five years, according to the California Healthy Kids Survey. This favorable trend is a testament to the collective efforts of parents, educators, and communities like ours. Today, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your role in supporting this shift toward healthier behaviors among our youth.


Everyday Heroes: Special Thanks to the Parents of Orange County

As parents, you play a pivotal role in shaping the choices and habits of your children. By fostering open communication, promoting healthy social norms, and modeling responsible behavior, you’ve helped create an environment where teens feel empowered to make positive decisions about alcohol use.

Alcohol use among teenagers poses significant risks, including impaired judgment, academic decline, and long-term health consequences. However, by working together and leveraging the power of social norms, we can help protect our children and empower them to make informed decisions.

Studies show that less alcohol use during adolescence leads to decreased alcohol consumption in adulthood. By encouraging your children to focus on their life goals, learn positive ways to socialize, and develop healthy coping mechanisms, you’re laying the groundwork for a lifetime of responsible decision-making.


It Takes a Village – and Lots of Intention – to Raise Healthy Teens

In addition to celebrating the decrease in teen alcohol use, let’s continue to provide safe and sober activities for our youth and make them the norm. By offering a variety of alternatives, from sports leagues to art classes to community service projects, we can create environments where teens feel supported and engaged without the need for alcohol. 

We urge coaches and mentors to join us in this effort by promoting and facilitating these activities within their teams and communities. Let’s encourage our teens to socialize in healthy and positive ways, and let’s celebrate those who choose not to engage in alcohol use. By highlighting and honoring these choices, we send a powerful message that sobriety is not only acceptable but commendable. 

Together, let’s create a culture where our youth feel valued, respected, and supported in their decisions to live healthy and fulfilling lives.