About US

Raising Healthy Teens is a public health initiative sponsored by Providence Mission Hospital. Our purpose is to help parents raise healthy teens in South Orange County so they reach their full potential by not letting drugs, alcohol, and mental health concerns get in the way of their education or future success. We offer ways that parents and families can help teens do well in school, resist risky activities such as drinking and using drugs, and achieve sound mental health.

Raising Healthy Teens supports the belief that parents are the strongest influence in a young person’s life and that positive encouragement and interactions with adults have the greatest impact on healthy youth development.

The campaign empowers parents and adults to have conversations with young people about substance use— and encourages them to continue to have these conversations as they grow up.

Research shows that children whose parents have open and honest conversations with them about the risks of alcohol and drugs are much less likely to use them.

We know supportive roles in a child’s life come in many forms. Though we might refer to parents often in this guide, whether you are a parent, stepparent, grandparent, foster parent, aunt, uncle, supportive sibling or another caregiver, this guide is for you.

Strength in Numbers is a community of high school students focused on helping each other and their peers deal with the expectations of growing up in Orange County. Strength in Numbers addresses the pressure to be perfect and healthy ways to cope and thrive. The youth-led club provides a safe space for hundreds of students to get information, encouragement, and positive reinforcement about NOT using alcohol and other drugs.

We encourage you to tell your teen about this program and sign up for the club if it is at their school!

Learn more about Strength in Numbers and the high school clubs that are in South Orange County!