LAGUNA BEACH, CALIF. (September 14, 2023) – To further expand its outreach to families in South Orange County, Providence Mission Hospital recently launched a new website – Crianza Positiva – to provide Spanish-speaking parents with the most up-to-date information about the impact of drugs on teen physical and mental health, and tips and local resources to ensure that all children reach their full potential. The English language Raising Healthy Teens website has also been enhanced with more robust resources.

According to the hospital’s 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), the highest priorities – and most pressing needs – are mental health and substance use disorder. A CHNA is conducted by the hospital every three years.

While the Raising Healthy Teens initiative began in 2017, it has evolved in response to CHNA priorities. The COVID pandemic, along with mental health, opioids and fentanyl crises have affected teens in South Orange County and throughout the U.S. Providence Mission Hospital has invested more than $1 million in the initiative during the last five years.

“It’s more important than ever that parents have open and honest conversations with their children, know the effect of drugs on the teen brain, and understand the pressures of growing up in today’s world,” said Marci Mednick, community development specialist, who oversees the Raising Healthy Teens initiative. “Parents in our community deserve the best tools and resources to help their children to stay safe, healthy, thrive and succeed.”

The groundbreaking Crianza Positiva campaign was born from the very heart of the community it aims to serve. Driven by the belief that parents are already doing an exceptional job, Crianza Positiva was crafted through an immersive learning process, engaging directly with Spanish-speaking parents to identify their specific needs. The goal of the campaign is to equip parents with the tools and support they need to foster healthy relationships with their teens and engage in meaningful conversations about avoiding substance use.

Instead of merely translating information from the Raising Healthy Teens website, Crianza Positiva took a transformative approach known as “transadapting.” This involved tailoring the campaign’s content, context, and approach to the unique cultural nuances and experiences of the Spanish-speaking community in South Orange County.

“We wanted to ensure that every parent felt heard, understood, and empowered to navigate the complexities of raising teens in their own cultural context,” said Christy Cornwall, director of Community Health Investment. “Crianza Positiva does not replace but enhances existing parental practices. Our partnership with parents unites us in our commitment to build a healthier and more connected future for families in our community.”

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About Raising Healthy Teens

Raising Healthy Teens is a public health initiative sponsored by Providence Mission Hospital. Our purpose is to help parents raise healthy teens in South Orange County, so they reach their full potential by not letting drugs, alcohol, and mental health concerns get in the way of their education or future success. We offer ways that parents and families can help teens do well in school, resist risky activities, such as drinking and using drugs, and learn healthier ways to manage stress and anxiety.


About Providence Mission Hospital’s Community Benefit Program

Providence Mission Hospital has an established history of community service for the residents of South Orange County. We are committed to improving the health and quality of life of the people we serve. A cornerstone of our work is partnerships and working with others “of like minds” to create change. We work with dozens of local nonprofits, faith-based organizations, civic leaders, and local residents to understand and respond to the needs of the community.

Providence Mission Hospital has been serving the community for over 50 years and continues its commitment to providing our community members with the highest quality and advanced care with compassion, dignity, and respect.