Family Adventures

Family Adventures

Today’s youth are constantly engaged with the digital world, from video games to apps on mobile devices. But it’s important for their emotional and psychological development to experience the great outdoors.

Exploring nature is good for their body, mind, and soul, while exposing them to a variety of ways to engage in adventurous activities. Spending the weekend camping – and without WiFi – offers them the opportunity to build confidence and figure out situations, like how to build a fire or put up a tent. Other outdoor activities – hiking on trails, cycling, swimming, and canoeing – can open their eyes to the wonders of the world and stimulate their creativity while teaching valuable life skills.

Here are 3 positive benefits from unplugging and getting out to explore nature:

  1. Encourage your young ones to try a new skill or push their limits. Don’t be too overprotective and let them decide how far to stretch.
  2. Let your young adventurer plan the next family outing. Download the Orange County Parks mobile app for ideas.
  3. Remembering that they watch and learn from your every move. Let them see how you push yourself and explore your limits.

Adventure Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift to inspire your young outdoor adventurer? This site offers plenty of fresh, fun ideas. Discover 19 Bigger Ideas for Bigger Adventurers here, including books and magazines about the great outdoors.