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The links below provide helpful parenting tools to communicate with your teen about drugs and alcohol, as well as other helpful and informative resources.

Should you or your family need assistance or want counseling, your employer may offer an Employer Assistance Program (EAP) that provides mental health and substance use benefits.  Contact your Human Resources department to learn more.

 Parenting Tips and Resources

Raising Healthy Teens Parent Resource Guide – Facts, tips, and conversation starters to talk with your teen about drugs and alcohol.

Get the Conversation Guide from since conversations are one of the most powerful tools parents can use to help their kids

Family Agreement Form: Avoiding Drugs and Alcohol  – A contract with your teen

Take the 15-question Quiz from Parent to examine how you address alcohol and tobacco use in your home

Kids in the House – A resource for anything to do with parenting for every age

Parent tips – from the American Academy of Pediatricians for keeping teens drug and alcohol free

Cyber Safety Cop – provides internet safety education

Substance Use

Fact Sheet (English): Prescription drugs and the teen brain

Fact Sheet (Español): Medicamentos con receta y el cerebro adolescente

Tip Sheet (English): How do I talk with my teen about prescription drugs?

Tip Sheet (Español): ¿Como le hablo a mi hijo/a adolescente sobre medicamentos con receta?

Information Sheet: Prescription safety

Partnership at Drug Free Kids – for information and resources on teen drug use and addiction, to help parents prevent and intervene in their children’s drug use and find treatment for a teen who needs it. Get personalized support for your family at 855-378-4373 – toll free hotline

Drug Free World – understanding the brain science behind teenage behavior can help parents better prepare their kids to avoid drugs and alcohol

Parent and educator guide about substance use from

Learn some of warning signs from and prepare to take action if you suspect your teen may need help

Instructions to Safely Dispose of Prescription Medications – link to download a flyer


Fact Sheet (English): Alcohol and the teen brain

Fact Sheet (Español): Marihuana y el cerebro adolescente

Tip Sheet (English): How do I talk with my teen about alcohol?

Tip Sheet (Español): ¿Como le hablo a mi hijo/a adolescente sobre el alcohol?

Power of Parents  MADD’s program empowers parents to have ongoing, intentional conversations about underage drinking.

What You Can Do to address underage drinking with your child


Fact Sheet (English): Marijuana and the teen brain

Fact Sheet (Español): Marihuana y el cerebro adolescente

Tip Sheet (English): How do I talk with my teen about marijuana?

Tip Sheet (Español): ¿Como le hablo a mi hijo/a adolescente sobre el marihuana?

Where do you start? Between legalization, increased normalization in pop culture and new ways of using, it’s even more important to discuss marijuana with your kids. Start here  or Get the Talk with Them parent guide


Fact Sheet (English): E-cigs and vapes and the teen brain

Fact Sheet (Español): El cigarrillos electronicos y vaporizadoresy el cerebro adolescente

Tip Sheet (English): How do I talk with my teen about e-cigs and vapes?

Tip Sheet (Español): ¿Como le hablo a mi hijo/a adolescente sobre el cigarrillos electronicos y vaporizadores?

Tools to Help Them Quit

Teen Vaping – What Parents Needs to Know

Parent Talking Guide – for tips on talking to your teen about e-cigs and vaping


Get the facts on how tobacco affects your teen’s health

Local Resources

There’s local help available for substance use and mental health services for those lacking the finances to pay for counseling:

California Youth Services  – In Laguna Hills, call (949) 303-9016  En Español: (949) 303-9018  for prevention, intervention, assessment, and counseling that assist and support adolescents with substance use – to find a provider who accepts MediCal

Family Resource Centers

For services for children and families from bilingual staff, visit:

CHEC Family Resource Center In San Juan Capistrano, call 949-489-7742

SOC Family Resource Center In Lake Forest, call 949-364-0500

Mission Hospital Outpatient Program  – Aspire (After-School Program Intervention and Resiliency Education®) – In Mission Viejo, call 949-364-4246 for is an eight-week Intensive Outpatient Mental Health Program at Mission Hospital for adolescents aged 13 to 17. Most insurance accepted.

Wellness and Prevention Center – In San Clemente, call 949-680-0516 for mental health and substance use prevention services to students and families attending school in San Clemente.

Western Youth Services – In Laguna Hills, call  (949) 855-1556, for mental health services from bilingual staff for children and families.

Local Low Cost Medical Providers

Camino Health Clinic – In Lake Forest, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano call 949-240-2272 for access to a wide variety of healthcare services from a bi-lingual staff, regardless of ability to pay.

Laguna Beach Community Clinic – Call 949-494-0762 to receive medical care regardless of insurance or the ability to pay

Support Groups

For support with alcohol and substance use issues, visit:

 Al-Anon/Alateen Meetings – providing support and resources for family members

Orange County Alcoholics Anonymous – providing support for those in recovery.  There are a variety of 12 step anonymous groups held in South Orange County such as Marijuana Anonymous, Pills Anonymous, and Heroin Anonymous.

For support or to learn more about mental health issues, visit:

NAMI – National Alliance of Mental Illness – to learn more about mental health issues or to find a NAMI support group